Presentations and reports

The reports of our knowledge cafés and conferences and the results of our knowledge tables can all be found together here.

Knowledge cafe Hooray we have a vision for the future - what now? February 11, 2020, report

Knowledge café Legal aspects of gas extraction 31 October 2019

Knowledge cafe Residents and professionals May 28, 2019

Knowledge table Bottom-up initiatives 21 November 2019, outcomes

Knowledge table Restoring social unrest and trust 12 June 2019, outcomes

Knowledge table Long-term positive impact 12 December 2018, outcomes

Knowledge table Liveable and Promising Groningen 14 June 2018, outcomes
Knowledge table Resilience and well-being 28 June 2017, outcomes

Webinar Firm ground for Groningen 26 June 2020, report and looking back

Knowledge Congress Strong Groningen! About quality of life and technology in Groningen September 26, 2019, atmospheric report

Knowledge Congress Safe Living! About quality of life and technology in Groningen 8 November 2018, atmospheric report