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The Knowledge Platform Leefbaar en Kansrijk Groningen collects and shares knowledge and research that is relevant for social policy in the Groningen gas extraction area. We bring people and knowledge together. In this manner, the knowledge platform indirectly contributes to the continuous improvement of policy.


We strive for a society where industry, state and society are in harmony.


Core values

The Knowledge Platform Leefbaar en Kansrijk Groningen is independent. We do not represent any interests, neither do we take a position on policy issues. Our role is to collect, interpret and effectively disseminate the most relevant knowledge in this area, together with the stakeholders (scientists, policy makers, citizens, professionals and administrators of (social) institutions).

The Knowledge Platform Leefbaar en Kansrijk Groningen is accessible and open to anyone who is interested in, or wants to contribute to the development of knowledge about social issues in Groningen.

The Knowledge Platform Leefbaar en Kansrijk Groningen has an open attitude towards the different and often conflicting interests that play a role in the gas extraction dossier.


The Knowledge Platform aims to stimulate policy based on recognized knowledge with attention to social impacts. To attain this goal, the Knowledge Platform Leefbaar and Kansrijk Groningen stimulates partnerships, co-creation and a diverse network.


For the longer term, our ambition extends beyond Groningen. We want to use the experiences, insights and knowledge from the Groningen gas extraction dossier to contribute to policy with regard to the social consequences of mining elsewhere in the Netherlands, Europe and the rest of the world. The province of Groningen is now experiencing these effects, but they might be prevented elsewhere. In addition, as a Knowledge Platform, we want to commit ourselves to transitions after disasters and the prevention of slow onset disasters. While great amounts of fossil energy are still being extracted all over the world, the province wants to spearhead the transition to (more) sustainable energy. The insights and lessons learned from this transition in Groningen can be used within and outside of the province.


Please note: the knowledge platform is no research institute, and does not conduct 'primary' research that provides new insights. The knowledge platform does carry out 'secondary' research that makes use of existing knowledge to provide overviews and interpret knowledge.