Core Activities

Organising roundtable meetings

We connect researchers, citizens, professionals, entrepreneurs and government officials involved with the research and knowledge gathering regarding the Knowledge Platform’s main topics. We organise multiple of these meetings per year. The goal of these is to provide an overview on current research and knowledge, or lack thereof, through discussing urgent topics. In addition these roundtable meetings allow sharing of information and generate new research questions.


Organising pub meetings

The Knowledge Platform also organises smaller scale and publicly accessible meetings to allow researchers to present their latest research to a multitude of people. These meetings are often held in local pubs to allow citizens to attend.


Sharing knowledge online

Our online database allows us to actively share knowledge on gas extraction and the problems arising from earthquakes. The knowledge database provides a continuously updated overview of general reports, reports on the knowledge exchange meetings, blogs, presentations and literature studies. The goal is to provide all acquired knowledge in an easy to find, structured way.

Drawing up literature reviews

Each year, the Knowledge Platform summarizes all research on gas extraction, earthquakes and related problems of the past year. This summary of the literature provides an easy way to get up to speed on the current situation.


Developing research agenda

We present a yearly overview of research questions on areas in which research is lacking. This research agenda provides governments and other organisations with clear topics on which research is desired and allows them to quickly develop research plans.


Organising conferences

In our yearly and publicly accessible conferences we share existing and new knowledge on the Groninger case. These conferences are organised in collaboration with the Kennisplatform Bouwen en Versterken (Knowledge Platform Building and Reinforcement, for more information please see https://www.kennisplatformbouwen.nl/).