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Knowledge Café 'Perspectives on safety: what do they mean for the region, homes and residents?'

Our Knowledge Café will take place on Thursday 2 February and topic is: perspectives on safety. What do the different ideas on safety mean for the region, homes and residents? The reinforcement operation is primarily aimed at restoring the physical safety of homes. It is increasingly argued that this concept of safety is too limited because, for example, it does not match the experiences of residents. How do different visions of safety relate to each other? And how can these visions be better brought together?

Thursday 2 February 2023

15.00 - 18.00 uur

Ons Dorpshuis

Abt Emopad 8, 9922 PJ Westeremden

Chris Geurts (principal consultant TNO) will give a presentation about safety frameworks in the Netherlands and the models used in Groningen to calculate the safety risks of gas extraction: the  seismic hazard- and risk analysis (SHRA) and the typologie aanpak. These technical models have major social consequences, because they are used to determine which buildings need to be reinforced and which do not.


In addition to this model-based perspective, there are also other perspectives on safety. As a senior construction consultant at the Nationaal Coördinator Groningen, Dil Tirimanna is responsible for making estimations with regard to the safety of buildings. His expertise lies in translating general safety standards into reinforcement measures for specific buildings. As a resident and architect, Geir Eide sheds light on the safety perception of residents. He talks about his experience with the reinforcement of his home and reflects on the experiences of residents in which he is involved as a professional.


Regina Bouius-Riemersma (General Director of NCG) gives an extensive reflection on how the NCG tries to bring these perspectives together. During the Knowledge Café there is plenty of room to ask questions.


The Knowledge Café is led by Melanie Bakema (policy advisor Crisis Management Veiligheidsregio Groningen).





Walk in

Presentation by Chris Geurts 

Q&A audience

Perspectives on safety by Dil Tirimanna and Geir Eide 

Reflection by Regina Bouius-Riemersma 

Q&A audience

Networking drinks


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