Groninger society is heavily influenced by the complex and extensive consequences of gas extraction and seismic activity. Information on these consequences and its related practices and policies is widely available but spread out over multiple research institutes and knowledge banks. The Kennisplatform Leefbaar en Kansrijk Groningen* collects this information and maps currently unsolved issues. In addition, the Knowledge Platform stimulates cooperation between the people providing the knowledge and the people seeking it.  

Besides information gathering on the societal impact regarding Groningen we also gather knowledge on other global extractive industries such as mining, windmills, solar panels and geothermic energy. Doing this provides valuable insight into people’s resilience in the event of disaster and it aids learning from past events in Groningen. Knowledge of the Groninger situation will help prevent commercial successes becoming social disasters.


The Knowledge Platform focuses on four key topics:

Personal resilience
How do we prevent (feelings of) insecurity and vulnerability amongst citizens? How do we improve their resilience? What constitutes an ideal living situation, how is it threatened and how can it be restored? Which types of monitoring, prevention, intervention and communication are necessary to help both individuals and communities move forward?

A healthy and liveable situation
Everyone, from the household level up to national government, has certain wishes and demands regarding housing situations and liveable environments. Which methods aid in coming to workable plans, taking into account the wishes of citizens, safety regulations, cultural heritage and sustainable living?


Economic and societal vitality
What methods, and what sources, are required to stimulate entrepreneurship and vigour of citizens and officials?

Mutual trust, regulation and structure
Which factors are important in achieving cooperation between all those involved? What aids constructive debate and how do we compromise? 




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